The BetterBodies USP lies in its scientific and educated approach to fitness through supplements, be it vitamins, proteins, or other, along with diet and exercise consultancy. We look to ensure that our clients are highly aware of how the supplements work, how they will affect fitness, health, and endurance; this means that the client will be prescribed supplements along with a guide to usage, in order to avoid misuse or abuse. While most supplement prescribers look for immediate effect, whereas our approach ensures long term and sustainable results.


The Company was operating for 2 years as supplement retailer located in Riffa, Kingdom of Bahrain. The acquisition took place in April 2014 and since then the revamp has started. BETTER BODIES is a Bahraini Company, established in June 2014, for the supply of Athletic Dietary Supplements aimed at enhancing endurance, strength and fitness.


Research & Development: BETTER BODIES carries out continuous research on the macro-fact, process, and manufacturing of the supplements in the global market, in order to gain a deeper understanding on the affects of supplements on the athlete body. Through this, BB can supply and consult on the best-fit supplements for each of its customers.

Wide Reach: We look to expand our presence in the GCC market, in order to reach, serve, and spread awareness for the athlete communities; this includes building relations with all bodies operating within the fitness and health industry.

Customized Programs: By understanding the chemistry of supplements, the anatomy of the human body, and the customer’s desired physique, we look to provide tailored programs including supplements, diet and exercise consultancy, to help reach best results in a healthy and sustainable manner.

In-house Production: Our long term vision is to develop in-House BETTER BODIES products, which are of premium quality. We look to provide to our consumers with supplements to support a fit and healthy lifestyle.

BETTER BODIES aims to steer the direction of the supplement market in the GCC region towards a healthy and educated approach; whereby the understanding of the body and supplement chemistry are utilized and brought together for higher awareness, and better results to the customer. This shall serve the long term view of providing to our clients quality products which shall supplement their health, and fitness objectives.